Arzu Calis
Leadership Coach
A.R.Z.U International, Center for True Leadership, stands for the expansion of personal leadership, responsibility, and accountability for making the world a healthy, happy, and abundant place to live in. We are committed to inspire, empower and liberate individuals and groups by connecting them to their unlimited inner power for true leadership. We believe that when we develop our inner personal leadership capacities we can become better leaders in world’s social, political and economic systems.

The word ARZU means desire, longing and vision in the eastern languages. We chose A.R.Z.U International as the name of our company because we desire to empower people to actualize their deepest longing for a better world, here and now, around the World.

Arzu Calis is the founder and director of A.R.Z.U International. Arzu has a decade of corporate experience working with Fortune 100 companies in the high-tech industry. She transitioned out of Corporate America to create her own company and devote her full attention to the development of true leadership in individuals and in organizations.

Our services include individual and group coaching, telecourses, keynotes, workshops, and retreats. We specialize in working with professionals in transition. Our clients include individuals and teams in corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

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We look forward to being of service to you.


Arzu Calis