"Arzu is the rarest of coaches; she offers a unique blend of a pragmatic business leadership orientation with a wonderfully insightful, intuitive, and creative intellect and spirit. One of the most profoundly effective listeners I've ever encountered, Arzu's talent at getting to the heart of the matter, her willingness to help her clients confront their most challenging issues, and her courage in pushing beneath the surface to find real meaning and truth, are an inspiration and a model for me in my own coaching work. I highly recommend working with Arzu to anyone serious about their own growth and development, to anyone interested in taking to the next level how they show up as a leader. ”

Steve Heller, PCC
Senior Leadership Consultant
Talent Development
Verizon Business

"When I was ready to take my business life to a more fulfilling level, there were many companies that were eager to promise me more “success and wealth” fast. Most of these personal and business development companies offer a shallow approach that tends to focus on quantitative results at the expense of other human values such as balance and fulfillment. Arzu goes deeper to the root of business issues. She has a real talent with peeling the layers of challenges and getting her clients to understand why they think and act the way that they do in certain situations. Arzu helped me identify the unconscious patterns that keep me from achieving my personal best.

I value Arzu’s more integrated and balanced approach. She is not just about numbers, but she helps you integrate your true and higher self and happiness to the equation of business success. She helped me build my own brand of business leadership. My business is not just about the numbers, but numbers do come when I am operating in harmony with my true values and vision, plus I feel more fulfilled during the process of achieving my goals. Business is about relationships. I can always count on Arzu to offer me new ways of looking at relationship issues that are insightful, positive, and creative. After each session with her, I always feel heard, understood, energized, and inspired to act from my higher power. You can count on Arzu helping you bring inner clarity, meaning, and renewed energy to your life and business.”

Nick Lutkins, President
The Phoenix Creative Group, LLC

"Working with Arzu helped me find my own center as a business leader. My beliefs and style conflicted with how I thought a successful business leader “should” behave, making me an uncertain leader. Arzu helped me sort out what is most important to me in life and business, examine my “should”s, and integrate my own confident, successful leadership style. I see no competition to Arzu’s services in helping business leaders find inner clarity and calm in the midst of uncertainty and doubt."

Tom Loveland, President
Mind Over Machines, Inc.

"When I started looking for outside help, my company revenue had hit a plateau and I, as the leader of my company, was experiencing a lack of clear direction and focus. When I first started working with Arzu, her deep listening skills and intuitive questions helped me see my current opportunities and challenges more clearly. After each session with her, I had more clarity about who I was and what I wanted. When Arzu found out that I am a deeply spiritual person, she encouraged me to integrate my spiritual practices into my business schedule. Regular spiritual connection helped unite my mind, heart and spirit as a CEO and had a harmonizing rippling effect in my organization. As a growing company, we will always have new challenges ahead of us, but now I have a clear sense of where I want to go and how we can get there. Now that we have achieved our initial goal of moving the company up from a several year plateau, I have full confidence that we can take the company to the next level of success.”

John Kelly, Jr., President
Kelly Generators and Equipment Company

"When I first started working with Arzu, I wanted to grow my company to the next level of success. As a business leader, I had a tendency to focus on solving business challenges while neglecting the personal impact of business decisions. Arzu helped me accept things as they are before moving forward with more self-awareness. Arzu is highly effective in developing business leaders with a conscience. You can count on Arzu to offer patient, prudent, and thoughtful leadership that considers not only the business results, but also, the personal implications of business decisions. Somehow, after a conversation with Arzu, I always feel optimistic about the future.”

Howard Petty, President
Crosby Corporation

"When I started working with Arzu, I was initially impressed by her deeply integrative approach to leadership coaching and development. I got much more that what I expected. Arzu invited me to assess myself not only as a high performance businessman but also as a leader with a higher purpose. Arzu’s deep listening and insightful questions helped me create a more holistic world view and determine my place in it. She helped me hear my inner needs through the noise of external demands. Arzu helped me to become more self-aware, which, as the leader of my life and my company, allows me to better see beyond the days’ false urgencies and make better decisions leading to more meaningful and fulfilling outcomes.”

Scott Orbach, President

"What makes Arzu's coaching so unique? Her approach to coaching is holistic, her intellect and compassion are without bounds, her ability to make connections will draw you deeper into your coaching experience - and her commitment to be "present" with you in every conversation will provide insights to empower you to achieve exactly what you want.

Working with Arzu has been like a symphony - taking a highly crafted instrument of skills, practicing through the notes of life's experiences, and creating an orchestral balance of leadership and success."

Lynn Baxter, Business Development
Plano, Texas

"Coaching helped me to become more aware of my own value system. I now manage my time more effectively based on my values and priorities. This awareness helps me make better decisions and be more focused on the things that really matter to me. Coaching has helped me become a more balanced person by opening up new ways to perceive my environment and by suggesting tools and ideas to maintain the balance. The increased balance and clarity of focus in my life combined with the skills and tools to handle changing environments has enabled me to be a better manager at work. I recommend coaching to everyone. It is a very powerful experience!"

Lynn Katon, Manufacturing and Logistics
Independence, Oregon

"Meeting Arzu and having her for a Life Coach is one of the most positive things to ever happen to me. I felt totally at ease sharing my fears and dreams. Working with Arzu helped clarify what was important to me and why? She asked all the right questions to get me to answer my own questions honestly and with insight that I didn't know I had within myself. She always had ideas and suggestions to help me overcome personal and professional obstacles. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Arzu."

Pam Long, Manager
Dallas, Texas

"I am so thankful that Arzu was persistent in getting me started with coaching. Coaching has made dramatic improvements in every area of my life. During the coaching process, I was able to make the transition to my dream career. In the eight months of coaching, I have accomplished what could have taken 20 years. I wish I had the support of coaching in my earlier years. I am looking forward to much more success in my life with the help of coaching."

Mark Nachreiner, Customer Relationship Manager
GM/Sitel Corporation
Austin, Texas

"Arzu is an excellent communicator and coach. Her coaching style warms the heart and feeds the soul. You will remember your dreams and activate your goals. She is full of ideas that will benefit you both professionally and personally."

Sheryl Phillips, Entrepreneur
Advanced Performance Technologies
Dallas, Texas