Create The Life You Want
An Inside Out Approach to Success

A one-day workshop that will help you to:

  • gain clarity on what is most important to you in life
  • express a personal vision that captures your heart, mind and spirit
  • create a practical mission statement that gives you purpose and direction
  • get clear on your commitments
  • design an action plan to turn your dreams into reality
As a part of the process, you will have:
  • a prioritized list of your top 10 values
  • a vision statement in the form of a poem, image, dance, etc.
  • a working mission statement
  • a prioritized list of commitments for different areas of your life.
  • an action plan to move forward
  • a list of resources to support you on your new path

"The Create the Life that You Want workshop has inspired me to put into action the ideas I had never thought would materialize. It allowed me to get to know myself on a level that most people won't ever know about. Thanks Arzu!"

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